2014 Staff Announcements

Tradition is proud to announce the 2014 Staff.

As Tradition continues to push forward into a new season, several new members are welcomed to the 2014 staff, along with a core of returning staffers. Tradition is extremely excited about what the 2014 Design and Education teams can bring to the table. New Program and Staff Coordinator Tim Snyder had the following to say:

"I'm very excited about this opportunity to help some dear friends.  We are putting together a very fine staff for this organization and believe that we have the people in place to take Tradition to the next level. You need to get involved with this drum corps because, these next few years at Cincinnati Tradition will be an incredible ride."

Here are the 2014 Teams.


Design Team:

Tim Snyder will be responsible for Brass Arranging, as well as serving as Program Coordinator.

Seth Whitaker will be taking over Percussion Arranging, will the help of longtime counterpart Nathan Wilkerson handling Front Ensemble Arranging. 

Ryan Miller, a 2013 Member, will be stepping up into the role of Color Guard Designer. 

Curtis Shreve will continue designing the Visual package, Joe Fink will continue as Brass Consultant, and Andrea Meyer will continue as Guard Consultant.

For individual biographies, see Design Team.


Education Team:

Seth Whitaker will also be taking over responsibility as Percussion Caption Head, with assistance from Battery Coordinator Trevor Ervin, and Front Ensemble Coordinator Nathan Wilkerson.  Victor Blauser, longtime Front Ensemble member and instructor, will oversee as Front Ensemble Caption Head.

Joe Fink will continue serving as Brass Caption Head, with assistance from returning technicians Brian Egan, Paul Hendrixson, and Tony Anderson. Newcomer Andy Grindle will assist as a Brass Consultant.

Andrea Meyer will continue her tenure as Color Guard Caption Head. 

Curtis Shreve will return as Visual Caption Head. Tee Richardson will be joining Curtis as a Visual Technician. 

For individual Biographies, see Education Team


Admin Team:

Tradition will continue under the executive direction of Tom Slade. 

Curtis Shreve will return for his second year as Assistant Director. 

Tim Snyder will be stepping into the Staff Coordinator Position. 

Andrea Meyer will continue as Personnel Director and Treasurer. 

Mike Surber will return as Support Staff Coordinator. 

For individual biographies, see Admin Team.