Why Tradition? Week 1

Several Tradition members were asked to respond to the question, "Why Tradition?"  Here is the response from Jonathan - a 2013 soprano and 2014 baritone player.  Keep an eye out for more responses every week!


Tradition was a chance to live a dream. I didn't make junior corps and figured I would never make it so I let it go and moved on.  I discovered Tradition by sheer luck while looking at videos on YouTube.
 Last season was a tough season it almost didn't happen for me but the Tradition family came through for me and I got to march in a World Championship Finals event. I played with tears coming down my face that night - that's how special of a moment it was.
 Tradition is more than a Corps, it's a Family.  The people involved are some of the most amazing players I have known and all of them love each other like brothers and sisters should.  My time with Tradition has been a blessing.  I found a part of me that I lost and am so grateful to have it back. We all march and play for one thing or another but when that crowd roars that's what it's all about.