Why Tradition? Week 2

Several Tradition members were asked to respond to the question, "Why Tradition?"  Here is the response from Scott - a 2014 color guard member.  Keep an eye out for more responses every week!

Hello friends and followers of Cincinnati Tradition, my name is Scott and I am a member of the Tradition color guard.  I am very pleased to share with you a bit about myself and my Tradition experience.  First off, I live in central Illinois with my wife and our four year old son.  I work full time in our school district with special education students.  I coach two high school color guards and I work at our local YMCA.  With all this being said... With that kind of schedule your probably wondering, how was he able to make time to march with Tradition?  It's simple...Tradition practices only on weekends primarily and a few Saturday & Sundays.  This makes it very easy for anyone to be part of this amazing Drum Corps family. 
  What drew my interest to Tradition? I found out about Tradition through the DCA website. Well, the promotion video for Tradition that I ran across on YouTube is what sparked my interest. An all age senior corps from the Cincinnati area. I was very curious about it and so I emailed them with a few questions... Andrea Meyer was fast to respond and we ended up speaking several times on the phone.  She encouraged me to come to a camp and "check them out!"  After much contemplating and discussion with my wife she and I agreed for me to go to a camp.  Problem we had standing in our way was 1) We live 4 1/2 hours (one way) from rehearsal, and 2) We only had one car at the time.  Andrea made several contacts on my behalf seeking someone who could bring me with them to rehearsal.  Jessica Mason (from Indy) volunteered to get me to camp.  Jessica was the first actual member I met and we shared so many stories on the long car ride to camp.  I asked her probably 50+ questions about the ins and outs of Tradition  lol - she was probably ready to get out of the car :) - not really.  Haha
 Upon arriving at camp, I was greeted with many smiles and hellos.  Running, stretching, guard basics, learning guard work, lunch, drill, full corps rehearsal made for a full day’s work. I left rehearsal excited to return home and tell my wife about my experience.
 After much discussion... She graciously supported me in the endeavor I was wanting to take on. Thanks again Amy. 
My wife and I were able to get another car which made getting to rehearsal much easier. I thoroughly enjoyed attending camps, being pushed to be a better performer was always exhilarating for me. I took what I learned on and off the field and stored it in my heart. 
 After a few camps into the season the guard was still looking to fill some spots.  I had told both of my HS guards about my experience with Tradition in general conversations.  One of my students actually asked me several questions and, with her dad’s permission, she checked out one of the rehearsals.  Instantly Carol fell in love with the Tradition family and she ended up embracing the challenge as well.  After ONE camp she was hooked.  For the remainder of the season I took her to and from rehearsals. This made for a strong friendship between her and I as we were sharing the field as "equals", not as a coach and a student. 
 I met so many people and bonded with them throughout this experience.  I can't even try to mention people because I could say something about everyone and that would take forever.  One thing I can say is that we are more than a Drum Corps, we are a family.  We are there to support, encourage, strengthen our technique and share in the passion for the sport of the arts. 
One of my favorite memories from my experience was the feeling of stepping onto the field for the first time.  Lexington, Kentucky was our first debut competition.... the crowd erupting with cheers, screams, whistling and clapping sent chills throughout my whole body from head to toe. Wow!
 The other favorite experience of mine was.... When the guard had bonding and story time in Racine, Wisconsin!  I never laughed so hard my whole life. We grew closer as a section at this competition as this is where we "turned on the heat" for the show! We pushed ourselves harder than we had all season!
 One of my craziest experiences was... probably the Fairfield, Ohio show.  Wow, as we are heading to the gate it started to sprinkle.  By the time we reached the gate the heavens opened with rain.  Not just any rain, this was the heaviest rain storm I've ever been in or seen.  The rain pelted us so hard that it was kinda annoying to the touch.  Standing still at "attention"  for a short time felt like eternity.  When we took the field, everyone was soaked down to their skivvies but ironically the rain let up.  We performed the whole show and got a standing ovation from some fans if I'm not mistaken.  And after we exited the field the heavens opened back up and they cancelled the show after Spirit of Atlanta who performed after us.
 Why should you join Cincinnati Tradition? 
 Why not?  It's fun, affordable and this is an experience that you shouldn't miss out on!  What's holding you back?  Like I mentioned before, Tradition is more than just a Drum Corps to me... It's a family... My family! 
I would like to thank all the staff and volunteers who pour themselves into this amazing organization.  Without your self sacrifice and dedication this corps wouldn't function. 
Come and check out a camp, you won't regret it!  You have nothing to lose.  The only thing you'll regret is not coming to a camp and experiencing the Tradition.... Cincinnati Tradition!
 Blessings to all and I hope my experience was able to encourage you and shed some insight of who and what Cincinnati Tradition is!