Why Tradition? Week 3

Several Tradition members were asked to respond to the question, "Why Tradition?"  Here is the response from Daniel 'Boogie' - a 2013 and 2014 mellophone soloist.  Keep an eye out for more responses every week!

I have been a marching band/ drum corps fanatic for many years. After marching through high school, getting a music degree in college and marching  junior corps, I wanted to keep my marching career going. So I decided to take a chance and check out Tradition after finding a member at that time on the Kentucky Marching Band Forum and he guided me in the right direction. 

Through all the adversity I would say the 2014 season was a remarkable one for the corps. Every rehearsal was a challenge because we were handed a quality product at the beginning of the season and set a goal/standard for the corps to set us up for success. 

You guys and gals are going to hear it a lot but this corps is a family. There's nothing than meeting up with a group of people on the weekends that share the same love for music and performing as you do. So I challenge you to take the chance I did. 

CT for Life.