The 2017 Season is Off to a Great Start!

Did you hear?!  The 2017 drum corps season is officially underway!  Tradition held our Opening Day camp Sunday November 20th and it appears that a lot of people are excited for the start of the new season.  And it's easy to see why; this is going to be another great season!

Opening Day was filled with the best turnout that Tradition has ever seen.  There were many talented performers walking through the doors to be a part of the Tradition Family.

But, do you know what we were missing?   YOU!   We are still looking for talented performers in all sections to complete our family.  If you weren't able to attend Opening Day, you're next opportunity to be a part of the Tradition Family is Sunday December 11th.  The doors open at 8:30am with a $40 registration fee that will go towards your dues.  Make sure you're registered before showing up.  

Contact us at for any questions.