Tradition Membership FAQS

Q: How do I become a member?

All spots in the ensemble are filled through the audition process in November and December. If you are interested in auditioning, please register for auditions

Q: Can anyone Audition?

Yes. Tradition is an all-age Drum and Bugle Corps. We welcome all ages and skill levels. If you are under 18 or still in high school, we require parent/teacher/coach consent to participate.

Q: Do you accept woodwind players?

Yes. If you have the drive and dedication to learn a new instrument we will teach you. However, you will be held to the same standards as the rest of the ensemble.

Q: Where are auditions and rehearsals?

We are based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. The rehearsal site may change throughout the season.  So, refer to the schedule for the location of the next rehearsal.

Q: What should I expect if I make the ensemble?

If you successfully audition you will be offered a member contract, which is an agreement between yourself and the ensemble regarding your commitments and obligations to the group.

If you are under 18, we require parent approval. If you are in high school, we require Director/Coach approval.

Beyond that, you should expect a summer of hard work and great fun. We pride ourselves on the dedication to excellence and family atmosphere of our corps, and expect that the memories, friends, and education you acquire will exceed any expectations. 

Q: How much does it cost?

Tuition for the 2019 season is $800 and there is a $40 camp fee required at each rehearsal. The camp fee will be deducted from your tuition. The tuition will cover bus travel, equipment, uniforms, and some meals on trips.  Returning members will receive a $50 discount on dues.  Family members will also receive a $50 discount.

Additionally, you may need to purchase marching shoes at $30. 

Outside of your tuition, you will be responsible for travel to and from rehearsals, meals at rehearsals, some meals on trips, a dot book, and a water cooler.

Other than that, you may want to purchase a corps member jacket, corps shirts/souvenirs, or other apparel. 

For more information, see Tuition

Q: Does Cincinnati Tradition offer any scholarships or tuition assistance?

Tradition provides several great fundraising events. Every year we have members pay entirely for their dues with these fundraisers.

Q: What if I don't live near Cincinnati, can I still be a member?

Yes. Over the last few years, Tradition has grown to include members from all over Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and even Illinois!  While there is an increased responsibility on members who have to commute, anything is possible with the right level of commitment.

Q: What is the time commitment?

We meet select weekends through the winter, and meet almost every weekend during competition season, May through August. 

Attendance to all rehearsals and performances is considered mandatory. We do make exceptions on a case by case basis for school, WGI, and some other conflicts, but you are expected to make every effort to be present for as much of the rehearsal as possible. 

Any conflicts must be approved by your caption head and the director no later than one week prior to the conflict date. 

Don't see your question? Contact us. 

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